Snowed In

Snowed In

Do you remember sitting in front of the TV waiting in anticipation for your local newscaster to announce that your school was closed for a snow day? When an impending blizzard meant an extra week of vacation, hot chocolate, snowmen, and sledding?

Those days were the best.

But sometimes you can have too much of a good thing. Too much snow could mean frantic runs to the grocery store and a family with cabin fever.

But we have some tips and tricks to keep your family and home feeling fresh and happy when you are snowed in.

It is always exciting to wake up to a fresh snowfall – so bundle up and go out and enjoy it!

  • ​​Make Snow Art!: Do you have an artistic little one? Give them a spray bottle full of water that’s tinted with food coloring to decorate the white canvas in your backyard.
  • Make some Snow Ice Cream! All you need is sugar, milk, salt, and vanilla extract. And sprinkles of course. 🙂
  • Make snow angels! There is no feeling quite like that first flop in the snow.
  • Think outside the snowman! Make a snow menagerie – polar bear, pig, turtle, snake. Or shake up your snowman.


















But after all your outdoor activities, make sure you don’t bring the mess of the snow inside with you. Leave all your snowy, wet gear in a designated space. If you don’t have a boot tray, leave wet boots and shoes on a folded bath towel. To keep boots feeling and smelling fresh by placing a Fresh Wave Pack in boots while they dry and give towel and boot tray a quick Spray.

And don’t forget about your furry family member. After wiping down wet paws and fur coats, give pet bedding a Spray for happy lounging all winter long.

As the snow banks grow and you are stuck inside, we have some ideas to keep everyone feeling #happyhealthyodorfree.

  • Have a makeshift movie theater: Make popcorn, pass out tickets out of construction paper, wrap your little ones in a blanket, turn down the lights and turn on your favorite snow day movies.
  • Fill your belly: Bathing suit season isn’t for a little bit and you got a solid workout shoveling snow – indulge with some of your favorite sweet treats and comfort food recipes to keep you and your loved ones warm.
  • Abracadabra: Turn a simple cardboard box into a magical fort, car, and even washing machine.
  • Have a paper airplane flying contest: Get together and make and decorate your paper plane and then give it a heave ho to see which has the longest hang time and which can travel the farthest.
  • Have a cleaning party: Crank the music and having a dance party while wiping down counters, putting away toys, and pushing the Swiffer across the floor. Mary Poppins activity approved!

With all these activities (many with distinct smells) and frigid air outside, you might be unable to open windows to allow fresh air in. Don’t worry, we have you covered. Keep your home feeling and smelling fresh by strategically place a Gel in your kitchen or basement and say goodbye to burnt popcorn, leftover chili, and general musty, stuffy odors.

Wishing you a #happyhealthyodorfree snow season!






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