Smile! Fresh Wave has a Fresh Face!

Smile! Fresh Wave has a Fresh Face!


We are so excited to reveal and share our new look of the Fresh Wave at the International Home and Housewares Show.

The entire Fresh Wave line might have a new look, but all our products are made with the same natural, odor removing goodness. Happy, Healthy, Odor-Free! It’s not just a promise it’s a way of life at Fresh Wave. Our products have always been safe for people, pets and the planet. And always will be.



Not only does Fresh Wave have a new look, with six different natural odor removing products, we also have a solution to all your odor issues.

From the bathroom to the basement, the diaper pail to the dog bed, shoes to your car, Fresh Wave can take down any and all stinky smells.

Musty basement got you down? Or looking for a way to keep your bathroom constantly feeling fresh and clean? Fresh Wave Gel is your odor weapon of choice. Simply Fresh Wave Gel on a shelf, peel the seal and knock out odors around the clock.

If pungent sports gear is taking over your mudroom or if your dog rolled all over your couch, Spray the stink away! Fresh Wave Spray is your source for immediate and effective odor removal. Just shake, spray, and smile.

Little people can cause a big stink. But don’t let the diaper pail be the first thing you notice when walking into your baby’s room. Toss a Pack at the bottom of the pail and toss odors out.

If you love cooking with garlic and other fragrant ingredients, but don’t love the meal’s aftermath, light a Fresh Wave soy-based candle and burn those odors out.

If you countdown till trash day, adhere a Fresh Wave Fresh Pod to the lid of your trashcan and say see ya, stink! Our Fresh Pod is perfect for removing big odors from small spaces.

If your laundry detergent isn’t quite cutting it with sports gear, heavy towels, and pet bedding, add Fresh Wave Laundry Booster to your wash. When your laundry is done, so are the odors.

Need to tackle odors on the run? Fresh Wave Travel Spray to the rescue. The same Fresh Wave goodness, in pint size form. Perfect for tossing in your gym bag, diaper bag, glove compartment, or your suitcase.

With products available at retailers including Ace Hardware and Bed Bath & Beyond and Target, we will have you and your home #happyhealthyodorfree in no time. 🙂

Head to to find a Fresh Wave retailer near you!





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