Crayons Don’t Belong With LEGOS

Crayons Don’t Belong With LEGOS

With kids back home for the summer and crazy camp schedules, your home might be feeling some aftershocks from all the activity. While Fresh Wave is here to make your home smell fresh and happy, today’s guest blogger, Sara, an interior organizer and owner of  Shelfie a home organizing service, is here to help you develop techniques to easily manage your living area and treat yo’ shelf!


As an interior organizer, I want to help you turn your cluttered home into a clean, relaxed, and organized life. My goal is to keep your refreshed space feeling fresh after I walk out the door. Using Fresh Wave is one of my tricks for keeping a space serene. I have Fresh Wave Gel in the bathrooms, Fresh Wave Packs in the shoe bins, and I especially love the Fresh Wave Candle at then end of a job. Just light, smile, and bask in the glow of a great smelling home.  But I’m getting ahead of myself here. Let’s start at the beginning.

Walking into a new client’s apartment is comparable to Forrest Gump and his ol’ box of chocolates, “You never know what you’re gonna get.” That is, unless a family with kids lives in the apartment, then I almost always know what I’m gonna get. Broken crayons in LEGO bins, clean diapers in the underwear drawer, two or three strollers in the entryway, plastic kiddie forks mixed in with adult silver-wear, stickers…so. many. stickers, open packages of bunny crackers in the pantry, sippy cups with the wine glasses…and a whole lot of love. Here in Manhattan (and most cities), where space is limited, this scenario is on steroids.

And now to take tackle this craziness one step at a time.

First, we have to figure out why it looks this way. People always seem to blame lack of space, when the real reason is that the home is unorganized. Often the family runs out of space and keeps purchasing trays, bins, and boxes to hold all the items that won’t fit into logical storage areas like closets or drawers so the clutter spills over to the kitchen counter. I get hives just thinking about it.

Is a housekeeper the answer? Many think hiring a housekeeper is a good solution but housekeepers clean, they don’t prevent clutter. Often times a cluttered home prevents the housekeeper from cleaning areas made inaccessible by clutter and too much time spent straightening limits their time to clean and disinfect.

Is the answer more storage products? I wish I could tell you a magical bin exists that will solve all those organizational problems but I would be a liar, and also very bad at my job.

How about a book? There are many out there, but most have unrealistic methods along with a few good tricks. But let’s get real – you can bet few are unfolding that perfectly folded fitted sheet just to refold it so it stands up in a nice rectangle.  We are not all domestic goddesses.

Time? Oh, you have extra time?  Can I be you? Even my clients with nannies don’t have extra time. I don’t have kids and I rarely have extra time.  When I do have it you better believe, I’ve got a glass of wine in one hand, my handsome boyfriend on the couch next to me, my loosest fitting clothes on my body and Bravo or Netflix on the TV.

Truthfully, more time will not help you stay organized.  More time will help you get organized, but getting organized and staying organized are very different. Staying organized is the trick.  To get organized, you must follow the 2 P’s formula: trusting the Process and Purging, I tell all my clients the same thing the first day we meet, “the more junk you have, the more time it will take me to find a place for it , the more money you spend paying me.” So please, trust me when I tell you, you DO NOT need seven slotted spoons. One slotted spoon is a necessity, the other six are junk.

In order to stay organized once you are organized you have to get back to basics. Develop a habit of putting your things where they belong. Teach your kids to do the same.  Once your diapers, dishes, stamps, sippy cups, bottles and baby dolls have a home you must commit to putting those items back every day. And please, stop putting crayons with the legos.

Now it’s time to relax, light your Fresh Wave Candle and enjoy the fresh serenity. #LifeDoesntHavetoStink

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