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Leaving for college can leave you completely overwhelmed, so why allow the stress of packing to your plate. If you are in need of some last minute suggestions for dorm life – we’ve got you covered.

For Your Studies:

For Organization:

For Your Bathroom:

For Your Laundry:

For Your Room:

Must most importantly, when away at school you want to create the most welcoming environment. One that is clean, healthy, and happy – not only for you, but for your roommates and friends as well. That’s where we at Fresh Wave can help. We have curated a Dorm Kit, perfect for creating a healthy, happy, odor-free home…away from home. 🙂


Our dorm kit includes our 8 oz. Spray to quickly get rid of odors from pizza, laundry and all things college life, a Fresh Pod to remove the stink in small places like laundry bins, closets or in-room bathrooms., and a 15 oz. Gel to make the whole dorm room smelling great.

Here is to kicking off the new school year with a smile! Because life doesn’t have to stink!

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