#CareAboutYourAir: Take the Pledge

#CareAboutYourAir: Take the Pledge


At Fresh Wave, we #CareAboutYourAir… and we hope you do too.

Do you know what is in your air care product? Likely it’s full of ingredients you can’t even pronounce – phthalates, benzisothiazolinone, and dialkyl sodium sulfosuccinate.  And did you know those hard to pronounce ingredients are super harmful to you, your loved ones and the environment?

Fresh Wave® is different. Fresh Wave natural odor removing products use simple, pure and natural ingredients — water and natural extracts of lime, pine needle, aniseed, clove and cedarwood— to get rid of odors; no covering up odors with perfumes and chemicals. Fresh Wave products do not contain harsh ingredients, alcohol, or synthetic fragrances and are safe for you, your family, and because we care about you and we care about your air.

Join us in the movement and take the pledge to #CareAboutYourAir.

Here’s how:

Learn: Read your labels. What’s in your air care products, household cleaning supplies, and laundry products can impact you and your environment.

Act: Swap harsh chemical products for those made with natural ingredients, even if you only start with one product.

Share: In the next month, encourage one family member or friend to take the #CareAboutYourAir pledge.

Sign: Show your support, not only because you #CareAboutYourAir, but also because you could have a chance to win a YEAR supply of Fresh Wave.

Join us and pledge here.

Because at Fresh Wave, we care about you and we #CareAboutYourAir.

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