Guy Fresh – Earth Day

Guy Fresh – Earth Day

Ah, Earth Day. You probably forgot, but it’s right around the corner, coming up on Saturday, April 22.

I don’t know about you, but for me it elicits many fond memories of my middle school days, when we honored Earth Day by holding a celebration outside during which we would litter the field with discarded hot dog wrappers and bags of chips before setting free dozens of the balloons that likely ultimately ended up at the bottom of some local body of water.

As Pete Campbell said, not great, Bob.

And, mind you, this wasn’t like 1960—this was just over a decade ago. I will not mention the school by name for fear of litigation, but the point is simply to highlight the fact that most people still have no idea how to properly celebrate this day. So put away the balloons and listen up, because I’m going to make it really easy for you. Here are some easy steps to properly honor Earth Day.



  • Go outside without posting anything to social media
    1. Hear me out. Just try going outside and enjoying nature without having to leverage technology to do so. Maybe this will foster a deeper appreciation of nature. Or maybe you’ll just be thinking about how to Instagram your dinner.
  • Plant a tree
    1. This is not hard and is a fun way to keep an interest in nature over a long period of time. If you don’t want to do it in your yard or don’t have a yard, just do it in someone else’s. If none of this is possible, look at a picture of a tree online.
  • Take the Pledge – Swap the bad for the good.
    1. Great news: you don’t even have to go outside to do this one! Yep, you can do it in the comfort of your own home. First, simply unplug all those fake-scented, toxin-spewing nonsense from all of your outlets. Second, replace them with Fresh Wave Third, bask in the glory of breathing fresh, clean air and then take the pledge to continue this simple swap.

See, wasn’t that easy? We had a fun and productive time and didn’t even have to destroy a layer of the ozone. Happy Earth Day, guys.

Stay Fresh,


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