Q & A with Dr. Laura

Q & A with Dr. Laura


Have you ever asked “What’s in my air care product?”

In honor of Earth Day, we sat down for a Q & A with Dr. Laura Haupert, Fresh Wave’s Ph.D. chemist responsible for product quality and control, laboratory testing and formulation development. Not only is Dr. Laura a Ph.D chemist, she is also mother of two and knows how important it is to ask the question above and how air care products can impact your loved ones and the environment.


What is the most common ingredient in standard air fresheners?

Synthetic fragrances that mimic the smell of plants (think lilac or vanilla or hibiscus) that ac as a masking agent for odors in your home.

What impact can this ingredient have on people and the planet?

These synthetic fragrances are composed of a large number of harsh chemicals including petroleum, benzene derivatives and aldehydes. These harsh ingredients have been shown they may cause cancer, birth defects or allergic reactions. They also are ingredients that are toxic to aquatic environments and can decrease the air quality in the environment.

What ingredients are in Fresh Wave products?

Fresh Wave is composed of plant extracts. And these extracts are products by using stream water on a plant to actually remove the natural oils. Fresh Wave products do not contain any synthetic fragrances, alcohol or other harsh chemicals.

What impact do these ingredients have on people and the planet?

Since Fresh Wave is made up of plant extracts found in nature, they have no negative effects against the plant or the environment. In fact, some of the plant extracts in Fresh Wave products can benefit people! For example, pine oil, one of the extracts in Fresh Wave, has been found to help reduce inflammation and redness of the skin!

What would you say is the main difference between Fresh Wave and other air care products?

The main difference between Fresh Wave and other air care products is the fact that the natural planet oils in Fresh Wave products actually neutralize odors. Most air care products use synthetic fragrances to mask odors so the odors remain, but now they are just covered up by a stronger perfume-y fragrance. The plant oils in Fresh Wave products actually eliminate odors leaving behind clean air – which has been proven through independent lab testing.

Which Fresh Wave product do you use the most?

I use all Fresh Wave products all the time! I use the Candle when cooking in the kitchen to remove strong odors from ingredients like onions, garlic and curry. I keep a Gel in almost every room of my home to keep them fresh. I leave a Spray in the bathrooms and my pet room. I use the Laundry Additive when washing my kids’ smelly clothes and make sure my trashcans have a Pod. Any place I find an odor, I make sure I use Fresh Wave.

What advice would you offer to someone looking to create a healthier, cleaner home? 

Do not use any products with synthetic fragrances; those products do more harm than good and only temporarily cover up the issue. Good thing there is a product to help with that 😉

To hear more from Dr. Laura, check out her recent interview on the Voices.Earth podcast series!

(And make sure you pledge to #CareAboutYourAir!)

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