Guy Fresh – Kentucky Derby

Guy Fresh – Kentucky Derby

Ladies and Gentlemen: You may have let it sneak up on you, but we have a big weekend coming up.

When most people think of big sports weekends, they probably think of the NCAA Tournament opening weekend, the College Football Playoff, and, of course, the Super Bowl. Well, they’re forgetting about the greatest sporting event of the year: The Kentucky Derby.

The only reason this fantastic event is not included with the other aforementioned contests is that it’s easy to forget given generally people only care about horse racing a maximum of three days a year. However, as the resident go-to-advice-guy, I am here to help and remind you all not to discount this special day—the first leg of the Triple Crown. Here’s three reasons why you should make plans to celebrate on May 6:

  • Traditions

You can’t make this any easier to plan a party around as the traditions associated with the event make it nearly impossible to screw up. Everyone gets dressed up— guys in over-the-top preppy clothes and ladies in dresses and big goofy hats—and you drink mint julips. You literally need to do nothing else. Your party is now planned.

  • Timing

Think of the traditional top sporting events and when they are scheduled. They fall on a Thursday/Friday, New Year’s Eve, and on a winter Sunday, respectively. The timing of the Kentucky Derby, on the other hand, is perfect on a number of levels. First, it’s on a Saturday, which means you have enough time to prepare the night before AND enough time to recover the next day. Second, it’s in the afternoon, which is great because day drinking is the finest sport of them all. And lastly, it’s the first weekend in May, which means the weather has just turned the corner and everyone is in a great mood and ready to party.

  • Everyone wins

No one is left out of the fun on Derby Day as day-drinking enthusiasts, those who enjoy making a wager now and then, and people who just like to get dressed up can all come together to celebrate in unison. The only drawback to this mass appeal is that parties tend to get as crowded as a betting window at post time. And with that many people, your party is at risk of smelling like a horse’s stable. Do yourself and your guests a favor and keep things fresh by leaving out a couple of strategically placed Fresh Wave Gels around the party. They’ll thank you, you’ll thank me, and like I said, everyone’s a winner.

Until next time, stay fresh.



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