The Best 4th of July BBQ

The Best 4th of July BBQ

It’s the 4th of July weekend!

One of summer’s best weekends and it’s the perfect time to slow down, enjoy a cookout and celebrate the greatest country in the world.

Here’s the perfect host’s recipe for a perfect 4th of July BBQ:

5 friends or family members

Because that’s how many people you bought food to feed.

4 course-meal

Non-negotiable. This of course includes appetizers (chips and dip), entrées (burgers and dogs), dessert (a flag cake, duh), and a late-night snack (2am frozen pizza after everyone has imbibed sufficiently). And of course a watermelon for good measure.

3 minutes watching the fireworks

Any less and you might not feel patriotic enough. Any more and you might be led to boredom.

2 complete sets of bean bags

If you are going to have bag toss set up in your backyard (and of course you are), you need to have a full set of bags for each team. If someone loses one of the bags, they forfeit the game and they forfeit the right to attend your party. See you at the Labor Day cookout, pal.

1 Fresh Wave Candle

That’s right. Just one Fresh Wave kitchen Candle is all you need to have a completely normal smelling kitchen by the time you hit the hay, whenever that may be.

0 American Flag-patterned shirts

I beg you, please don’t be the host who does this.

Happy birthday, America.

Stay Safe and Stay Fresh,




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