Stick it to Odors!

Stick it to Odors!

Looking to get rid of big odors in small spaces?

Does your trashcan have an overwhelming funk? Shoe closest have an offensive odor? Diaper pail that seems downright offensive? How about a locker that is a capsule of stink?

Well we have ONE product that can be the solutions to ALL your problems!

Say What!?

It’s the Fresh Pod!

Stick it to big odors in small spaces with the Fresh Pod.  Take the refillable case out of the plastic pouch and peel off the adhesive backing. With a 3M strip, you can stick it to odors almost anywhere. Just adhere to a clean, flat surface and those small-space odors are cut down to size!

A Pod on the inside lid of your trashcan OR a diaper pail punches out funky smells. Stick a Pod to the wall of your shoe closet and kick smelly feet to the curb.

And now the Fresh Pod is available at Target in the air care section! Target Runs just got a little bit fresher. 😉

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