How the Spray Saves!

How the Spray Saves!

P-U! Stinky shoes? Smelly sports gear? Carsick kid? Surprise house guests? Have you ever needed a quick fix for a stinky situation? Well look no further than the Fresh Wave Spray!

Spray away odors like you mean it. Don’t cover them up!  Just shake. Spray. Smile. When you smell “fresh air,” it’s working. Really. It’s that easy. And below are just a few of tips and tricks of how to use Fresh Wave Spray for all the stinky situations in your life.


  • Give ripe shoes a quick refresh with a spritz of Fresh Wave.
  • Don’t bring trip odors home with you! Pack a Fresh Wave Travel Spray in luggage to freshen shoes and clothes before packing up to head home to be welcomed back with no odors.
  • Remove pet odors from upholstery and bedding with a few spritzes of Fresh Wave.
  • Wipe down any sports gear from pads to shin guards to helmets to yoga mats with Fresh Wave Spray to remove odors safely and effectively.
  • Use Fresh Wave not only to freshen up the air in your car after carsickness, but also to wipe down the car seats to remove lingering sickness smells.
  • After changing the bag in your diaper pail or trash can, give the inside few spritzes for extra freshness.
  • Surprise houseguest on their way? Give the entry way a quick spritz to remove stale odors and have your guests enter a home that smells clean and fresh.


For more tips and tricks check out the tip page on our website,

Stay Fresh!

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