How-To: Fresh Wave Laundry Booster

How-To: Fresh Wave Laundry Booster

Laundry can be daunting – but we are here to help make it EASY! Trust us, loads of happiness is within reach. Just grab Fresh Wave Laundry Booster! And our Laundry Booster is not just great with getting the funk out of all things laundry, but can be used in so many more ways!

Are you struggling to remove stinky sweaty smells from your workout clothes or uniforms? Add 2 to 4 capfuls of Fresh Wave Laundry Booster to your load and knock those odors out. Believe us, if it works for the Chicago Blackhawks, it can work for you! It’s also perfect for pet bedding, towels, and even the unfortunate accident. When your laundry is done, so are the odors.

Does your front load washer leave your clothes smelling of mildew even after they are clean? Wet a soft cloth with our Laundry Booster and wipe the rubber gasket, the door and any other visible seals. Soon your washer AND your clothes will be super fresh!

Do you have a pair of shoes that you just CANNOT get the funky smell out of? Soak the soles of your shoes in Fresh Wave Laundry Booster and lay out to dry. Your feet and family will thank you.

Do you have a water-based vacuum system, like a Rainbow or Sirena? Adding 2 to 4 capfuls of Laundry Booster to the filtration system will bring new life after cleaning. One customer even told us, “The Laundry Booster works great! Even after I got done vacuuming, I used it to just filter and clean the air. It left my whole house smelling great!”

Super versatile, powerful, natural and safe, Fresh Wave Laundry Booster, gets the job done.

How do you use Fresh Wave Laundry Booster at home?

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