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The other items work together seamlessly to help keep our home stay fresh and clean smelling. The spray is perfect for fabrics, the gel sits in a room near a source of odor- such as a bathroom or Mabel’s room(where the diapers live) and the candle is perfect for keeping near my kitchen to neutralize leftover odors such as garlic [...]

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Odor Removing Spray – works well with everything! Bedding (human & canine), backpacks, shoes, the car mats, MY entire office – you name it). I walk around squeezing the trigger like one of those department store fragrance reps. I love to use it on the sofa. -Groovy Golden Doodles  

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I have always had a super sensitive sense of smell. During pregnancy its the worst! I can sniff out smells with the tenacity of a bomb sniffing dog. I have tried all sorts of things over the years, but once I found out I was pregnant we started making changes in our home to [...]

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Want to know why I am so relaxed? Because my family started using Fresh Wave natural odor removing products to get rid of the smells that my feline sisters and I leave behind. Fresh Wave products are tough on odors but gentle on the environment. Fresh Wave products are all natural and do not contain [...]