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2204, 2016

Small Ideas That Make a Big Difference on Earth Day 2016

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While Earth Day is being “celebrated” today, we believe that every day should be Earth Day. There are so many things we can do to ensure the future of our beloved planet.  In fact, the [...]

2607, 2015

Bring the outdoors in. Three simple ways to make your home fresh & clean.

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Here’s some news you can use – there are many common sources that contribute to the level of air pollutants inside your home. The culprits include some paints, carpeting, air fresheners and household cleaners. In [...]

2206, 2015

7 (Easy) Tips for a Healthier Home

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Making your home healthier doesn’t have to be a lot of work. Heck, it can even be fun. Here are 9 simple ways to get started today: #1 Plants are your friends, especially indoors. So [...]