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September 2016

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Odor Removing Spray – works well with everything! Bedding (human & canine), backpacks, shoes, the car mats, MY entire office – you name it). I walk around squeezing the trigger like one of those department store fragrance reps. I love to use it on the sofa.

Groovy Golden Doodles


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I have always had a super sensitive sense of smell. During pregnancy its the worst! I can sniff out smells with the tenacity of a bomb sniffing dog. I have tried all sorts of things over the years, but once I found out I was pregnant we started making changes in our home to use natural and safe products. The smells of having a baby and now a toddler have sent me searching for something to remove odors naturally and I finally found Fresh Wave.

-Mrs. Seacannon


August 2016

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Want to know why I am so relaxed? Because my family started using Fresh Wave natural odor removing products to get rid of the smells that my feline sisters and I leave behind. Fresh Wave products are tough on odors but gentle on the environment. Fresh Wave products are all natural and do not contain harsh chemicals or perfumes. Now I can rest easy knowing that the odors are gone and my family is healthy.

The Daily Pip


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Even with a clean house, there isn’t much you can do about dog beds, carpet, and some of your dog’s favorite areas. Recently, however, we found the perfect solution for fighting back against not only pet smells, but smells in general – Fresh Wave!


-Budget Earth


July 2016

Fresh Wave Fresh Home

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I should mention that Fresh Wave varies from many other products in that it isn’t masking odors or emitting harmful toxins into the air, Fresh Wave is natural with no harsh chemicals, it’s truly a natural product. Now on to my favorite product – the Fresh Wave odor removing spray. Cue the clouds parting and the angels singing. I. Love. This. Stuff. With the kids and the dog and life in general the house could always use a little boost of freshness, so this odor removing spray is perfect. Other sprays on the market I’ve been hesitant to use because of the chemicals, but Fresh Wave is free of toxins so I spray the couch, the bedding, the rugs to my heart’s content. 

-The Pretty + The Brave

i’m pregnant & smells make me cry – so here’s what i’m using

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That Fresh Wave candle has been burning every day, so it’s time for me to stock up on some from their website.  I’m going to run to Target and get another one of those gels sometime this week. They work REALLY well, but it’s not because they cover up the smells with artificial fragrance. Instead, they use plant oils and water to actually remove odors from your home.

-Baby Rabies