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July 2016

Babies are Stinky

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For safe, natural odor-removal, I turn to Fresh Wave. With products like sprays, gels, candles, and laundry boosters, there are so many options for saying buh-bye to the baby stink. And the scent? Like a little slice of organic heaven. Bonus, they’re safe for the environment! LOVE. But don’t just take my word for it. Give ‘em a try, and let us know what you think!

-Baby Chick

Fresh Wave Works

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Today, you can do better by purchasing one of an array of manufactured products specifically made to shampoo skunked dogs.

For my money, your best bet is Fresh Wave pet shampoo (www.freshwaveworks.com, and at various retailers). It’s all natural, and actually zaps odors rather than masking them with another odor, dealing even with the powerful stench of skunk. Simultaneously, treat the house with Fresh Wave crystal gel, soy candle and/or Fresh Wave spray.

-Steve Dale

January 2016

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